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Here’s a bright idea…Go Solar!

Saves Money

As a rule, free is always the cheapest cost there is. The sun will always come up. With that certainty, your energy source will always be available.

Saves The Planet

Where conservation may or may not be your primary agenda, It should definitely be a concern.  The resources on this planet are finite. They will, at some point expire.

Saves Energy

By converting to solar energy, you’ll accomplish some very big things. Reducing your carbon footprint, conserving energy  & ensuring energy availability for future generations to come.

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One thing is for sure, your power bill is not going down!

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Do You Have Questions?

Here are some common misconceptions about solar energy.

Solar is way too expensive for me.

That answer is most definitely wrong. Solar is the only service or product you can acquire without adding any additional debt load to the household. In fact most times it will create positive cash flow for your budget.

They're not very reliable.

The technology in today’s systems is cutting edge! There is literally zero maintenance and all major components are under factory warranty for as much as twenty-five years. Try getting that from your new TV.

I'm to old to change now.

With today’s programs that focus on senior citizens, many requiring zero money to qualify, it can make a huge difference when on a limited budget, for any length of time. Add to that the property appreciation and it’s a win-win for all parties involved

I won't be here long enough.

This is a valid discussion. If your plans are to sell your property in a year or two, you should look very closely at the options. Any time frame past that chances are good you’ll recover your investment with interest from the property appreciation. Solar adds tremendous value to a residence.

I don't use very much energy.

Here’s a Fun Fact! Even with very limited consumption solar will still make sense, if not today for sure in the very near future. Energy costs are in a constant state of escalation. In the last ten years alone PG&E has averaged three rate increases every year to the tune of a Fifty-Three percent increase in that same time frame.

I'm stuck if I have to sell my house.

Depending on the method you decided on when you acquired your system, you may or may not have a loan balance due. Not to worry, it is no different than selling a car that you still owe money on. You simply adjust your bank payoff information to compensate for the system. Side note if you were buying a house that didn’t have a power bill, how much more would that property be worth to you?

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About Get Solar NorCal

1st thing we want you to know is NOBODY WILL CALL YOU unless you ask for help. Our promise to you!

What little information we request will remain private. This is a consumer information site packed with answers.  You will be able to submit questions to our experts anonymously if you choose.  We have all the tools that the professionals use for research, at your fingertips.

Things to consider, solar is not voodoo!  It is a proven science with a huge variable, nobody can predict exactly when, or how often into the future the sun will shine. We know it will, but nobody has that kind of crystal ball…We play averages.

Our software has many, many years of weather data for every zip code in the North State. It knows “on average” how many days, how long the days are, and all relevant weather data that can affect solar production. Then comes the science.  There are many variables to consider when building a system for your house, panels, inverters, roof or ground mounts, position, permits, shade and so on and so on.  We will give you as much (or as little!) information as you personally deem necessary.

Here’s a few warning signs to keep an eye out for:

Personal Warning #1:

If anyone tries to tell you they guarantee that you’ll never have another power bill ever, show them the door ASAP!  It’s not possible!

Personal Warning #2:

Know what you need to have, not just what they want to sell you.  Like shopping for anything big, determine your wants, needs, and budget before you call anyone…

Personal Warning #3:

This should probably be #1. Make sure it works for you! Everyone has different logic for making this decision,  Be sure yours fits you.


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